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Electronic protection against scale


Do you face any problems with scale?
We know the solution how to protect you efficiently from scale.

FLODRAVIN stops to form scale in washing machines, dishwashers, instantaneous water heaters etc.
it gradually dissolves already formed deposits in older water systems and prevents them from corrosion
it saves money you spend on repairs and replacement of appliances damaged by scale

The irreplaceable function of calcium in the human body is generally known. However, calcium that deposits in the form of scale in washing machines, dishwashers, instantaneous water heaters, boilers, mixer taps etc. is undesired. The hard deposits on the heating bodies of washing machines, boiler heat exchangers, etc. cause an increase in energetic demand (for a 4 mm thick layer up to 25%!) and substantial reduction in working life of the appliances.

How it works:
FLODRAVIN® microprocessor based apparatus creates a frequency-modulated electromagnetic field in the supply pipes and forces calcium carbonate that is dissolved in the water to crystallize in the form of aragonite that does not form scale and is simply carried out of the system. Hard water treated this way acquires the properties of soft water and can dissolve already existing scale.

What else can the treated water bring?

simple installation
constant operation that does not require any service
negligible operational costs - (power input less than 1W)
improvements in efficiency of your appliances and energy saving
no need to use expensive scale removers
easy removal of deposits in mixer taps and sanitary fittings
drinking water does not change its quality
the content of precious mineral substances in water remains unchanged
fast return on investment
long-term life, a three-year guarantee.

Where to install the FLODRAVIN?

FLODRAVIN HOME ECONOMIC can be installed on the supply pipe to a building, what provides complex protection of the water distribution, boiler, washing machine, dishwasher, mixer taps and other water appliances in the entire household. The apparatus can be installed on all types of pipes (steel, cupper, plastic pipes). The pipe diameter is a crucial parameter for choosing the right type of apparatus.

high frequency modulated electric field   crystals unable adhere to any surface and therefore do not precipitate out as hard scale
incoming water saturated with calcium and other mineral ions in solution    
signal cable wrapped externally around pipe   solution less saturated with calcium and able to dissolve existing scale

Guarantee: 5 years